Our mission is to help startups realize their VR dreams.
Our goal is to help developer teams that have a VR or AR vision to get their idea off the ground by providing them with an office space, specialized equipment, and guidance. First we start by having individuals or teams present their ideas at our Demo Day. After careful selection, if you are chosen to be a part of the incubator, we will work with you to for the lifetime of your project to further your demo. The goal is to get you through the initial phase of presenting a polished demo to bring in more investors and raise your project to a larger scale.

We Provide

Free professional
VR/AR equipment

Comfortable office space for
free in the first 6 months

Regular technical seminars

Opportunities to meet
later-stage investors

In exchange for the incubator services, we generally accept a small portion of shares in royalties. This portion is approximately 3 – 5 % of revenues from your project. We will negotiate with your team to see what works best for all parties.

Our Team

Lu Chun

Chun Lu is CEO of 8th Shore, Inc., a Seattle based game company. She is also a principle lecturer of the Digital Art Department at the Digipen Institute of Technology. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia, with a master's degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Computer-Aided Design and Animation. While she was in her graduate study in 1996, she earned a research assistant scholarship and worked on a series of Virtual Realty projects such as Virtual Harlem in 1930s and 1904 World's Fair St. Louise at Advanced Technology Group at MU. Upon her graduation, Lu took her first job with Alias as an application engineer in its China office, where she received advanced Maya training. In 1999, Lu transitioned to Atari's Baltimore studio as a cinematic artist and animator. Lu has helped ship six titles for the PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Xbox 360. From 2004 to 2007, she worked for Microsoft Game Technology Group on next-generation game art technology research and development. In her spare time, Lu enjoys sculpture both digital and traditional.

Clement Huang

Clement Huang is the Mentor at Ant angel, a seed-stage incubator
focusing on VR industry. He has been a venture advisor for Silicon Valley
China Entrepreneurship Forum (SVCEF) since 2005, giving startup mentorship on product strategies to new business owners in the US. Meanwhile, Clement Huang is Chief Product Officer at Madhouse Inc., a leading mobile advertising platform and service company with steady growth both in China and India. Prior to Madhouse, Clement worked at Yahoo USA, where he led the product team of ads and data platform and was responsible for building and managing the product team to create Yahoo's new Programmatic Buying Platform. Before Yahoo, Clement was the product leader of global ad platform at GREE, the world's second largest mobile social gaming network. Clement graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 1997 with President's Honor.
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